Miltonia high waisted bikini bottom

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Body shape: pear, rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, apple, low height, high height, small height
Packaging: branded box, hygienic packaging of each product  
Exterior: gentle, smooth, shaping, slimming, comfortable, textured, wear-resistant, dries quickly,  
Decor: silicone flowers, crystal beads, flowers, beads, glitter, spangles, ruffles 
Texture: smooth, delicate, soft, elastic
Color: yellow, sunny, pink
Print: no print   
Swimwear shape: bikini swimsuit, two-piece swimsuit, high waist swimsuit, separate swimsuit with high panties,  
Bikini bottom shape: high panties, swimming bottom, bottom from a swimsuit, high waisted, adjustable waist, cutout on the back, wide belt, wide elastic band, underlines the waist, high bottom from a swimsuit  
Main fabric: biflex fabric  
Lining fabric: thin elastic mesh, tulle  
Straps: adjustable
Fittings: no metal elements
Package dimensions: from 14x14x7 cm to 15x15x27 cm  
Composition: Biflex: 70% Polyester, 27% Nitron, 3% Lycra; 
Lining: 40% Polyester, 60% Nylon,  
Year of release: 2019  
Season: 2019-2020  
Impression: the basic instinct of a woman is to beat everyone outright
Manufacturer (brand): Keosme  
Collection: Floralle  
Place of origin: Ukraine.