Dress your body type

Find the right undergarments for you. Choose lingerie and beachwear by your body type.


How to determine: your waist is significantly narrower than your bust and hips; your bust will have a similar measurement to your hips.

How to dress it: underwired lace bras, bralettes, high waisted thongs, brazilian panties, corsets, bodysuits, V-cut panties, lounge dresses, all types of beachwear.

Triangle or pear

How to determine: your shoulders and bust are narrower than your hips; you probably have slim arms and a fairly defined waist.

How to dress it: bustiers, balconette bras, underwired bikini tops, shorts, classic low waisted slip panties, garter belts, lounge dresses.

Inverted triangle

How to determine: your bust and shoulders are larger than your hips and thighs.

How to dress it: bandeau, bralettes, halter bras, soft triangular bras and soft bikini tops, garter belts, brazilian panties, high waisted panties, swimsuits and bras with V-neckline, V-cut panties, lounge dresses.


How to determine: an athletic build; this shape has close to the same measurements for their bust, waist, and hips.

How to dress it: off-the-shoulder tops, balconette bras, underwired bras and bikini tops, slip panties, high waisted panties and bikini bottoms, corsets, lounge dresses.


How to determine: your bust is larger than the rest of your body, your hips are narrow, and your midsection is fuller.

How to dress it: underwired bras and bikini tops, high waisted panties and bikini bottoms, one-piece swimsuits, thongs, slimming panties, corsets.