Everyone who joines yesUndress Secret Club gets personal discount card and becomes the keeper of our club’s secrets.

• Your name stamped on the card is promo code. You can share it with your friend

• The card is cumulative. Depending on amount of all orders with your promo code your discount level will increase:

3000 uah— 10%

15000 uah— 15%

35000 uah— 20%

50000 uah— 30% 

• We will inform you about new secrets of the community, exclusive discounts, places of our events and other special offers.

You will be the first to know about them and, of course, have individual participation conditions.

To register in yesUndress Secret Club: 

Getting yesUndress Secret Club card is free. 

Please fill in the form and get your card by post. 

If you place an order at yesUndress, your personal card will be shipped with your order by default.

To get discount and have bonuses credited to your account: 

• Place an order at yesUndress.com 

• Enter your name (as it is indicated on your card) at the «Discount» field at the checkout

• Press «Apply» 

• Discount will be applied automatically 

Terms and conditions:

 • Your personal discount is not valid with any other promotional codes with purchase. Bonuses are still credited

to your account if you're making a purchase with any other promo code

  • All previous purchases at Keosme, loveJilty and yesUndress websites are credited to your account after you've registered

in yesUndress Secret Club

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